“It affects and involves us all, and what it needs is understanding, compassion and political will to come together and find real answers for [those forced from their homes]. This has become a defining challenge of our times.”
— UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi

The UNHCR Global Trends report finds over 68 million people were displaced from their homes by conflict, persecution, environmental degradation and lack of economic opportunity in 2017. The report also noted that "on average, 24 people were forced to flee each minute in 2015...four times more than a decade earlier." 

Despite the scope and urgency of this humanitarian crisis, we have successfully resettled a small number of those in need.

There are "two faces" to the issue: helping these people remain in their original homes and, if that is not possible: helping them survive, and thrive, in their new homes. The Laudato si' Challenge will try to address both facets of the problem.

Taking up the challenges of Laudato si’, The Laudato si’ Challenge seeks to sustainably improve the lives of 10 million people excluded from Our Common Home by 2020 through businesses that are sustainable and ethical—thus anticipating the vision of the SDGs of “being a human dignity narrative that leaves no one behind.”

You can be part of the solution in two ways: